September 25, 2016

What To Do in Dallas (Part 2)

2013-04-21_1145 By now, you should have read our other blog post about where to stay in Dallas and Part 1 of our suggestions of what to do in Dallas.

The Farmers Market is an interesting location and definitely a great place for different cuisines and also to pick up some seasonings and gifts for you to bring home. As you walk towards the market, you will be greeted with a sea of different colors from the florists and nurseries which have an abundance of flowers and flowering plants for you to pick from. The vegetable stands also add to the splash of color, offering you the freshest produce available in Dallas. Be sure to bring your own reusable bag or even a trolley so that you can shop till your heart’s content without having to be saddled with heavy bags. While some vendors might accept your plastic, cash is king here. Some vendors might have specials, so don’t be shy and ask. There’s also some great food options inside, just follow your nose, you can’t miss it. We will have more tips for what to eat in Dallas in our next blog post.

If you go north on Pearl Street from the Farmers Market, you will pass the Dallas Municipal Court and finally come to The Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe Church. The church is busy and bustling on a Sunday, with masses almost every hour on the hour. You will see everyone in their Sunday best and street vendors by the side of the church, feeding the hungry congregation as they exit mass. While the architecture of the church looks to be old, the interior is well kept and beautiful.

For something interesting, hop in your car and head to the Bishop Arts District. Located in North Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts District is definitely one of those gems you don’t want to miss. There’s a very unique mix of antique stores, small boutiques, a stationery store with a print press, furniture store, and even a thrift shop! And the dining options are about as varied as you will find in such a small area.

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