September 30, 2016

Tips for Successful Trip Planning

Trip  For most of us, we’ve had enough of winter and the storms and travel delays. Snow days might be great for the kids, but it’s natural for the adults to start looking ahead and planning summer travels. We have given you plenty of trip ideas when visiting the various military bases around the country or if you find yourself TAD or wanting to have your families come for a visit while TAD. So now it’s time to dedicate some time to the boring logistics of planning your trip ahead to make sure that everything is in order for your trip ahead.

#1 – Plan ahead. I know this sounds far-fetched. With the worries of everyday life, who has time to plan ahead? Well, the sophisticated traveler knows that the best deals and the best times to visit destinations comes with trip planning. Throughout the year, if you come across articles or photos of interesting places, save those in a folder so that when the time comes for trip planning, you have some ideas of places you’d like to visit. Once you pick your destination, you can do your research and look for the best times to visit (are you looking for a special festival or just looking for the best value?). Don’t forget that for the Navy, Marine, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard personnel, many hotel chains offer military and government discounts on hotel rooms and admission to parks and places of interest. A great way to get some extra savings. Planning ahead also allows you to seek out the best airfares and room discounts.

#2 – Maintain a Packing List. As with anything new, the first packing list you have to come up with is the toughest. One good way to figure out what you truly need is to consider the things you use daily and that you can’t live without while on vacation. Once you get the basic list down, save it electronically so that you have a great starting point for your next trip.

#3 – Be Prepared. This should be second nature to most people reading this blog. It is always best to check out crime statistics for the places you want to visit. Many of the major attractions will surely be a focal point for those less than honest folks who are looking for a quick score. It’s best to be cautious and look at the crime statistics in the areas you will be travelling or staying. You can also consult with local police departments. Did you find a room rate that was too good to be true? Make sure you do a quick Google maps street-view of the place to make sure that you’re not in a seedy part of town. For international travel, it’s always best to check with the State Department to see if there are travel warnings or advisories for the area you will be visiting. And don’t forget to check out the CDC website to see what shots are needed for your international travel.

Don’t forget to always check for travel deals and specials which can help make that dream vacation affordable and within your grasp.

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