September 28, 2016

Military Travel Discounts and Tips for Las Vegas – Wynn

Military hotel discounts for Wynn, Las Vegas

Wynn-Encore   When entering the Wynn from the corner of Spring Mountain Road and Las Vegas Boulevard, the one thing you will first notice is the waterfall and the numerous people posing in front of it. Military families shouldn’t miss this photo-op. This theme is continued throughout the restaurant on your right as you enter and finally ending in a beautiful cascading feature at Tryst, the Wynn’s nightclub. The water spray from this feature is a huge bonus in Vegas, when daytime temperatures rarely fall under 100 deg F in the summer, which coincides with the high season. There are high end shops which connect the two hotels and the casinos. If you are looking for a great poolside party in the day, look no further than Surrender. This is both a dayclub and nightclub, although the use of the pool is generally not allowed at night. However, if you are at Encore, don’t miss XS. It is a nightclub with an outdoor pool area. All the locals know that Sunday night is XS Night Swim, which means that swimming is allowed and encouraged. You might feel a bit weird standing in line in your bathing suit while others are dressed to the nines, but rest assured you will make it through the security process and soon find yourself frolicking in the water and enjoying the cook of the water. Keep an eye out for your Army friends. Many have been caught up in the moment and find themselves in the water, fully clothed, along with their shoes, wallets, and smartphones/cameras. The buffet at the Wynn is a crowd favorite and highly recommended. The lines are usually long, but that’s because it’s worth the wait. The selection is huge and the food is always fresh. Given the large numbers of patrons, nothing sits around for too long. Be sure to save room for dessert. You won’ regret it. Use for military discount hotels and don’t forget the rebate program that can save you more!


INSIDER TIP: There are taxi stands at both hotels. Follow the signs carefully or you could miss it while going through this maze.

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