September 26, 2016

Head to Cape Cod (Part 1)

Military Travel – Cape Cod

2013-09-17 14.11.11  This would be a great opportunity to bring your family or have them visit you as you plan a few days to visit Cape Cod. Just a few miles east on route 28 or highway 6, Cape Cod is a great vacation getaway for the military family. Cape Cod is long known as being a destination for the rich and famous; however, the Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, or Air Force family can enjoy the wonderful amazing food, natural beauty and peace that this region has to offer, with our simple travel tips.

On your way to Cape Cod, try to make a stop at Raw Bar on Ocean Street located at 230 Ocean St in Hyannis. It’s easy to miss, but if you just head to the HyLine cruise landing, you will find it, right next to the bakery where you can find some treats for dessert (the cookies and turnovers were great and you can ask for them to be warmed up). Everyone knows about their lobster rolls, but the lobster bisque and the lobster meal are the true highlights here. The lobsters are kept fresh in the tank and after you order the fresh lobster meal, they pick out the victim for your meal and cook it up fresh! The lobster bisque is full of huge chunks of lobster and is truly a great value. Public parking is available a short walk away, but you have to pay. You can try going down the residential streets nearby, but be sure to watch out for signs which don’t allow for street parking.

Cape Cod is a seasonal vacation destination, with the prices peaking during summer. It’s not hard to understand why, given that the weather during those months is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a short jaunt from the big, crowded cities. If you want to experience Cape Cod on a budget, go in the off-season. Picking times just before or after summer will give you the same great weather but without the sky high prices and crowds.

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